Airboard – May be similar to a skateboard that hovers above the ground, though few details are given on exact properties. It is an item that can be ridden by a user for fun, to do tricks, or as transportation.[1] Barry,[2] Tiko Johnson,[3] and Michael Yardley[4] each ride airboards in the series. Some airboards can be ridden tandem[5] and may have similar properties to the glide-board and the Flyer 6000 airskate – information unknown.[6]

May be similar to the image shown in this article (also shown here).

Eve remembered that, at the age of nine, she had ridden the board owned by a boy across the street from Trudy Lombard. The boys did tricks on theirs – loops and wheelies and spins. One boy invited her to try it and, when she shot off, she thought it was the happiest, most liberating moment of her life at that time. He said she had balls and was a natural.[7]

See also Street Sport and Go-Scoot. Other mentions of airboards in the series.[8]

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