All Things Beautiful – Located on the tenth floor of the Fifth Avenue building that is the New York headquarters of Roarke Industries (also the location of Personally Yours; Angelini Exports; Redford Productions), All Things Beautiful is the most exclusive salon in the building. It is owned and operated by Simon Lastrobe and is currently showcasing the Natural Perfection makeup line.[1]

Inside, the lobby area was wide and sumptuous, with deep, cushioned scoop chairs in pale greens. Each was fitted with its own mini-screen and communication system. Statuary and sculpture ran to bronze nudes. Small serving droids carried refreshments, reading material, VR Goggles, and whatever else clients ordered for their amusement.[2]

  • Plans and Services include:
    • Complete Woman Package[3]
    • Deluxe Orgasm[4]
    • Diamond Day Plan (includes a consult with Personally Yours; costs $5,000)[5]

(See also Personal Enhancements)

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