Angelini Exports – Located on the fifty-eighth floor in Roarke's building on Fifth Avenue (the midtown office of Roarke Industries, New York City, New York)[1]; claimed a suite of five offices in this location and is owned and operated by Marco Angelini.[2] They use Mercury exclusively for their shipping needs as it's fast and dependable.[3]

  • Angelini Exports has been having some financial difficulties that are, according to David Angelini, nothing more than blips or bumps, as Angelini is solid. He said there is simply a need for reorganization, and some diversification as some key people made some unfortunate mistakes that can and will be rectified.[4]
  • According to David, Angelini has some interest in the entertainment industry and he's been working on an expansion deal; developing projects, programs, features for in-home viewing. He's been working with Carlson Young at Channel 75.[5]

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