Foster, Anne B.

Mentioned in Divided in Death; (≈September 20-24, 2059)[1]


  • Former President of the United States of America.[2]
  • Reva Ewing was assigned to her (2053-2055) and took a hit during the assassination attempt on then President Foster on August 8, 2055. The man who attempted the assassination took out three civilians and two agents before he was stopped.[3]
  • Due to the assassination attempt, Secret Service agents were provided with more powerful weapons. They went from the A-1 Stunner to the M3 Stunner.[4] (Along with the M3 Stunner, the Neuron Blaster is one of the handheld weapons issued to Secret Service agents. These agents may choose between a 4000 Blaster and a 5200 as suits their personal preferences.[5])

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