Apollo – Named after the Greek god, Apollo. It was a terrorist organization, a radical group, involved with assassinations, sabotage, and explosives. Took credit for blowing up the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia on September 25, 2023 (8,000 people dead including, military, civilians, and children). Members of Apollo were hunted down and killed or incarcerated by the FBI.[1]

Apollo likely recruited both civilian and military people on the inside (of the Pentagon). The operation was very slick and the investigation indicated that a trio of explosive devices loaded with plaston were placed on all five sides with more in the underground facilities. The entire facility went up at eleven hundred hours (11:00 AM), detonated by timers. Thousands of people were lost and there wasn’t enough left of the victims to identify all of them.[2]

Apollo boasted that they could do what they did at the Pentagon anywhere, at any time. And that they would unless the president [sic] resigned and their chosen representative James Rowan was established as leader of what they called their new order.

(See also Cassandra)

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