Bloodbath – An underground cult (vampire) club near Times Square, under Broadway, where Tiara Kent met Dorian Vadim. On record, it is owned by Eternity Corporation, its hours of operation from sunset to sunrise.[1]

The doorway to the club was an arch and, above the arch, 'Bloodbath' throbbed in bloody red. The club was three open levels, dark and smoky, with the pentagram bar as the center. A stage jutted out on the second level where a band played the kind of music that bashed into the chest like hurled stones. Fog crept over it like writhing snakes. Patrons sat at the bar, at metal tables, lurked in corners or danced on platforms.[2]

There were some privacy booths and some were already occupied with couples or small groups smoking what was likely illegal substances inside the domes, or groping each other. There were privacy rooms on the third level. The club had a live sex license, and no doubt all manner of acts transpired behind the doors. A man or woman worked at every point of the pentagram. Bloodbath serves several drinks that contain pig's blood.[3]

Dorian, though he owns the club, is listed as its manager; Allesseria Carter is one of its bartenders.[4]

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