Blue Squirrel – It was a joint, which put it on slippery step up from a dive. The light was dim, the clientele edgy, and the service pitiful; it offered private smoking booths and had a small, raised stage. Eve ordered a screamer when she went to see Mavis after Testing.[1] Mavis said that at the Blue Squirrel some drugs get passed around, but it's all minor league. Some happy pills, some calmers, a few mood patches. For twenty credits a customer could hook on mood enhancer goggles and treat themselves to lights and shapes that fit the music.[2] The music was loud, the tables small and rarely clean, and the air generally permeated with bad booze and stale Zoner.[3]

The afternoon crowd at the club was too bored to do much more than huddle over their drinks. Eve met Nadine at the Squirrel so that they could trade information in Naked in Death and Immortal in Death.[4]

A bar with no redeeming qualities; As joints went, there were worse, but not by much.[5] Eve used to go there a lot, as it was the place where Mavis began her singing career; it still hold some sentimental attachment for Eve.[6] The food and service were lousy. During the day it catered to a handful of surly regulars and the occasional lost soul who was foolish enough to think he could cop a cheap meal and a little action.

At night it was usually jammed with people who made the action and were tough enough or crazy enough to risk their lives for what passed for alcohol in such places. The proprietors weren't willing to pay the hefty fee for nude class.[7]

After Mavis was arrested for suspicion in Pandora's homicide, the management of the Blue Squirrel let her go.[8]

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