Collins, Bria

Mentioned in Ritual in Death; (c. May 2060)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

Homicide InformationEdit

  • Victims
    • Brian Trosky
      • Brian was drugged and hypnotized to assist the Asant Group and then to forget what he had done or else suffer pain. When his pain became too great, he used a hammer and caved in his own head.[2]
    • Ava Marsterson
      • Ava and Jackson Pike were drugged, without their consent, at the clinic then taken to the Roarke Palace Hotel where the group ate, drank, had sex, and murdered Ava (there were thirteen members of the group) as an offering to the One (Lucifer).[3] The ritual murder of Ava Marsterson was supposed to be a gift, a celebration of Silas Pratt's birthday; his "rebirth in the One."[4]

References Edit

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