Neissan, Carl – Public Defender

Appears in Midnight in Death; (December 25, 2058 - January 1, 2059)[1]

Homicide InformationEdit

  • Neissan's body was pushed out of a sports utility vehicle on Madison Avenue. George and Maria Fitzgerald witnessed the dumping.[2]
  • His head had been shaved and was abraded and burned; his knees were shattered; his tongue blackened; around his neck was the signature noose. Carved into his chest was the message, "WOE UNTO YOU ALSO, YE LAWYERS!"[3]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Carl Neissan was the court appointed attorney, when David Palmer refused to hire his own counsel, during Palmer's trial. Eve Dallas sent police officers to guard him.[4]
  • He was abducted by David Palmer when Palmer showed up at Neissan's residence dressed as a cop; the police officer assigned guard duty did not verify his ID and allowed Palmer to take over his duty.[5]

References Edit

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