Fitzhugh, Chadwick

Appears in Purity in Death

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: Socialized smoothly, looked snappy in a dinner suit, played a mean game of polo, and could, if pressed, discuss stock options. [1]
  • Hair: Unknown
  • Eyes: Unknown
  • Address: Upper East Side


  • His family is old money, very upper crust and pedigreed
  • According to Roarke, Fitzhugh was a slimy puddle of piss; a smug bastard. [2]

Homicide InformationEdit

  • Infected by the Purity Seekers through his data unit. [3]
  • Symptoms of infection include:
    • Headache
    • Feeling of being too hot
    • Bleeding from nose, eyes, and ears
    • Irrational behavior, paranoia and rage
    • Self-termination in many cases
    • Hiding away in a safe place; isolation
  • Fitzhugh self-terminated by cutting his own throat. [4]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Hobbies: Travel, fashion, gambling, and seducing young boys. [5]
  • Known pedophile who preferred boys between fourteen and sixteen; habit was to buy them alcohol or Zoner and lure them into his condo. He was into bondage and didn’t care if the boys were willing or not; then he’d pay them off with cash. [6]
  • Had been reported four times over the last two years in New York; he got charged but his family money got him out of it. [7]
  • One of his victims was Devin Dukes, son of Donald Dukes. Devin Dukes had also purchased illegals from Louis K. Cogburn. [8]

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