Channel 75 is located on Broadcast Avenue, the east wing facing Third.

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Note: In the map above, the current site of Young Broadcasting, Inc. is being used, because its location most closely matches where the Channel 75 studios would be. This general area is where most of the large broadcasting stations are housed.

A sleek silver building that had been constructed in the mid-twenties when the media boom had hit such astronomical proportions as to generate more profits than a small country. One of the loftier buildings on Broadcast Avenue, it towered up from a wide, flat hilt, housed several thousand employees, five elaborate studios, including the most lavish new set on the East Coast, and enough power to beam transmissions to every pocket of the planet and its orbiting stations.[1] The east wing faced Third with its tony multiplexes and apartment building designed for the convenience of the broadcast industry.[2]

  • Building
    • Tours of the station available two times a day between 10:00am and 4:00pm.
    • Lobby contains monitors, security stations, a pleasant sitting area, and a gift shop.
    • Contains gift shop stocked with T-shirts, hats, signed mugs, and holograms of the station's stars.
    • The newsroom is on level six.[3]
    • Editing Room One is located one level up from the newsroom (level seven).[5]
    • The broadcast studio is on level twelve.[6]

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