Code Red – Used multiple times during the series to mean multiple things; the most likely, recurring, definition might be 'Alert status'.

  • In Portrait in Death, after Troy Trueheart was abducted, Dallas communicated the description of the suspect's vehicle and that it (the situation and/or the search) was a Code Red, officer in distress. After the scene was secure, she said that the Code Red was ended.[1]
  • In Survivor in Death, Dochas was put under Code Red status in case the killers thought Nixie Swisher had been taken there.[2]
  • After Owen Knight and James Preston were murdered, Eve said that, at the safe house, when the screen of a security monitor goes out, you go straight to Code Red.[3]
  • In Divided in Death, a Code Red contract means the highest clearance individuals work on it. All data regarding the project would remain locked in-house; no data would be taken outside.[4] All data – verbal, electronic, holographic – all files, all notes, all intel remains top level.[5]

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