CompuGuard – CompuGuard monitors all e-transmissions and programming on-planet or off.[1] It is illegal to own or operate unregistered equipment just as it is illegal to 'hide' or mask transmissions to avoid detection by CompuGuard. A nonregistered system is in violation of Code four fifty-three-B, section thirty-five.[2]

  • CompuGuard is busy trying to regulate, screwing around with privacy issues, unregistereds. New viruses crop up every few weeks, really good new viruses every year or two. CompuGuard's got spotters but they don't catch everything; if they slap you, you're slapped hard.[3]
  • Memo books are not required to be registered with CompuGuard.[4]

Roarke has a room in his home that he had built, and added security features, "to get around the all-seeing eye and the sticky tendrils of CompuGuard."[5] In Divided in Death, Roarke instructed the computer in his office to lock down his room only, for silent running. Titanium shields lowered on the windows, while others slid into place over the doors. The lights took on a red cast, and every machine in the room sent out a series of beeps and hums. The computer announced 'lockdown complete, silent running fully engaged'.[6]

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