DLE Urban – The 'Dallas Lieutenant Eve Urban'. Dull and somber gray, its lines were too practical, too ordinary for ugly, so the best that could be claimed for it was drab; though it did boast some shiny bits of chrome. It's loaded with state of the art internal data and communication (both primary and secondary); its vertical and air are comparable to the new XS-6000 and it's capable of going from zero to sixty [almost 97 km/h] – ground or air – in under one-point-three seconds.[1]

It can achieve a fifteen-foot [4.5 meter] vertical lift also within one-point-three seconds and is programmed for solar, noncombustible, and combustible fuel; its body is blast-proof, as are its windows; it's a tank that'll move like a rocket. It also has auto-nav[igation], holo-map, voice or manual controls, an electronics detector that will notify Eve if anyone has rigged it or attempted to. There's an in-dash camera with a reach of a hundred and fifty yards [137.16 meters] in any direction.[2]

It has memory seats, alarms, lights, and sirens as required by the department, and a blast screen that can be activated between the front and back sections if she needs to transport any suspicious characters. It is programmed for her voice and print, so no codes are necessary – it is also programmed for Peabody and for Roarke.[3] Roarke had it up to two hundred and ten miles per hour (almost 338 km/h) on the straight, road and air.[4]

There are no rules or regulations restricting Eve from driving her own vehicle on her official duties;[5] per regulations, as long as it meets code, she has the option of using her own vehicle.[6]

It was intended as an anniversary gift though Roarke said he'd now have to think of something else to get her.[7] It's the first vehicle Eve has ever owned.[8] Peabody looked at Eve's new car and said, "I don't get it. I just don't get how come you have to pick something so ugly when you could have anything. Like the 2X-5000, or the big, burly all-terrain, or–"[9]

It looks ordinary from the outside, but it has more hardware than Mira's office on the inside; it's very comfortable and smooth. It moves like a turbo, and verticals like a jet-copter; it's armored and blast proof.[10]

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