Angelo, Darcia - Chief of Olympus Police

First appearance: "Interlude in Death"

Decription Edit

  • "Statuesque" brunette.
  • "Enough hair to stuff a mattress."
  • "She wore a summer dress, a breezy one covered with hot pink flowers that showed strong golden shoulders and a lot of smooth skin. Her mass of black hair tumbled to those golden shoulders, curling wildly around her face. Dark, sultry eyes warmed when she saw Eve, and the wide, bottom-heavy mouth curved in a smile. Eve supposed it was the high, needle-thin heels adding to the already statuesque figure that caused the hips to sway as if to an internal rhythm."[1]
  • Peabody says Angelo is one of those women who "pump out hot and sexy with every breath, but in a really classy way".[1]

History Edit

  • From Colombia.
  • Worked Illegals in Colombia before coming to work for Roarke.
  • By early spring of 2059, Angelo is the Chief of Police on the Olympus Resort.
    • She is "enjoying the shiny and new of Olympus."[1]

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References Edit

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