Detective Carmichael - Homicide Detective, NYPSD (Cop Central)

She should not be confused with Uniform Carmichael (male, also in Dallas's Homicide Squad) or Officer Carmichael (female, a uniform in Holiday in Death).

First mentioned in: Immortal in Death (June 27 - July 11, 2058)[1]

On the Job Edit

  • Carmichael was primary on the Hetta Moppett homicide. When Eve took over the 'Jane Doe' case, she called Carmichael's work sloppy, as Hetta's fingerprints were on file from her companion's license. She said Carmichael could have ID'd her weeks ago.[2]
    • When Peabody said Carmichael wasn't much interested in a Jane Doe, Eve stated, "Then Carmichael's in the wrong business isn't she?"[3]
  • Baxter, after Eve reassigned him to Nixie Swisher, dumped his current case files on Carmichael. According to Baxter, "Carmichael now hates me like a case of genital warts. Made my day."[4]
  • She is partnered with Detective Santiago in late summer 2060. According to Carmichael, they are getting along okay and developing a rhythm.[5]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • Carmichael was generally unflappable in Eve's estimation.[6]
  • McNab asked Carmichael if she wanted to watch while he and Peabody fought then kissed and made up. She said sure and told him to take his clothes off first.[7]
  • Her sister works in a bakery.[8]

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