Dukes, Devin

Appears in Purity in Death

Personal InformationEdit

  • Age: 16 (at time of death)
  • Relationships: Father: Donald and Sylvia Dukes; Brother: Joseph Dukes


  • Reluctant, defiant and uncooperative with declining grades in school, brooding in his room at home, and getting into fights (at the age of twelve).[1]
  • Nipple and cock rings (by the age of fourteen).[2]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • At the age of twelve, Louis K. Cogburn sold Devin some Jazz; his parents discovered it and brought Devin to the police to file a complaine. Detective Sergeant Dwier caught the case. [3]
  • Cogburn was brought in, ID’d, and charged but Devin’s parents had flushed the evidence. DS Dwier messed the case up when the bartender backed up Cogburn's story when he insisted he was at a bar at the time Devin said he made the buy. Clarissa Price was also involved and found Devin uncooperative. [4]
  • At the age of fourteen, Devin’s parents filed charges against Chadwick Fitzhugh on behalf of their son; Dwier and Price were, once again, brought in (Price brought in first who then brought in Dwier). Devin had been sodomized, with facial bruising, and a sprained wrist; tox report a mix of Jazz and alcohol. The doctor, Stanford Quillens determines Devin was raped and they bring in a rape counselor, Marianna Wilcox. [5]
  • Devin names Fitzhugh as his attacker though, based on the evidence, Eve Dallas believes that while Fitzhugh had a hand in it, the boy was hit by his father as the injuries are not all consistent with Fitzhugh’s MO. [6]
  • Devin self-terminated eight months ago. [7]

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