Doomsday Group – Techno-terrorist organization mentioned in Divided in Death[1] and Survivor in Death.[2]

They’re responsible for downing a number of private shuttles by skewing data in air traffic control. They helped themselves to several works of art, and deliberately damaged others at the Louvre by shutting down their security. They killed twenty-six employees of a research lab in Prague by sabotaging their systems, shutting down the air supply, and sealing all doors.[3]

They’ve been working on a worm, potent and portable – its design is not simply to corrupt data or hijack it, but to eliminate it, and on a large scale. To network, to proliferate. Theoretically, a disc could be slipped into a drive on a networking unit – even a network with failsafes and blocks, with virus detectors and bug zappers – and download the entire data bank from that network, then corrupt the units. An office, a building, a corporation. A country.[4]

Roarke Industries is under government contract, a Code Red contract, to develop and create an exterminator program and shield against this potential threat. The contract was issued by a conglomerate, including the U.S. government, the Euro Community, Russia, and a few other concerned areas. Roarke Industries' Securecomp arm has the contract, and R and D is working on it.[5]

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