Down and Dirty Club – A 'nasty' all-nude, sex and music club, owned and operated by Crack, and where Eve had her 'bachelor party' in Immortal in Death. It includes a stage, tables, and privacy rooms; server droids are mentioned as well as human dancers. The drinks were described as 'next thing to lethal' and there were no tobacco restrictions there.[1]

The area, where the Down and Dirty is located, is loaded with hustlers and dealers and off-license hookers. In Rapture in Death, the air of the Down and Dirty was thick with the sour smells of cheap liquor and bad food. Privacy rooms lining one wall were open, airing out the musky stink of stale sex.[2] It was a joint - one that enjoyed being seamy and just skirted the edge of health and decency laws. A holographic band had the stage and was playing listlessly for the small smattering of disinterested customers; Mavis was in an isolation booth in the back.[3]

The Down and Dirty was a sex and strip joint where the patrons downed the throat searing, stomach-burning adult beverages, and liked it. For those who could pay the freight, private rooms offered a cot and a lock, and an area in which to perform whatever natural or unnatural acts they chose.[4]

Privacy booths were often choked with smoke while illegals were passed around like candy corn. At night, the stage generally held a band of some sort, in various stages of undress and with questionable talents. Dancers with the same qualifications usually joined them – as did patrons who might be influenced by those adult beverages and/or illegals. Violence was known to break out – suddenly and gleefully – which was part of the appeal to some. Odd and unattractive substances stuck to the floor, and the food was utter crap.[5]

    • Located in the Upper West End[6] ... or ... the East End.[7]

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