Geller, Dru

Appears in Purity in Death


  • A woman who sells little girls for sex. [1]

Homicide InformationEdit

  • Targeted, and infected, by The Purity Seekers
  • Symptoms of infection include:
    • Headache
    • Feeling of being too hot
    • Bleeding from nose, eyes, and ears (as the brain swells and begins hemorrhaging)
    • Irrational behavior, paranoia and rage
    • Hiding away in a safe place; isolation
    • Self-termination in most cases
  • Eve Dallas and Delia Peabody are part of a team that goes in to try to save Geller. When they arrive, she is already bloody and already mad. She throws scissors at Dallas, who dodges, but they lodge in Peabody’s shoulder, missing the riot vest. [2]
  • They manage to tranq and subdue Geller but she dies anyway. [3]

References Edit

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