Appears in Naked in Death; (c. February 13-22, 2058)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: A rude, snake-eyed refugee,who enjoyed dispensing insults and political absurdities.[2]
  • Face: Thin
  • Address: West Seventy-eighth Street deli.
  • Occupation: Deli shop owner.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • He had fled to America after the Social Reform Army had overthrown the French government some forty years before. He hated America and Americans, and the SRA had been dispatched within six months of the coup, but Francois remained, bitching and complaining.[3]
  • Eve prefers Francois' deli to the Instastores she could have stopped in. She calls him 'Frank' to annoy him.[4]
  • His shop is the location of Eve's first fight and injuries.[5]

References Edit

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