Free-Ager – Free-Ageism is an earth religion, based on natural orders; a search for balance and harmony, the celebration of the seasons, and a strict code of nonviolence.[1] Free-Agers are often artists, farmers, the occasional scientist, and lots of craft workers.[2]

  • One of the strongest tenets of Free-Ageism is self-expression.[3]
  • Have been known to protest conspicuous consumption.[4]
  • Free-Agers were strict vegan and used no animal by-products.[5]
  • According to Peabody, Free-Agers rarely approve of politicians but are terrific at nonviolent protests.[6]
  • Free-Agers are big on all the arts.[7]
  • "... things no respectable Free-Ager would consider consuming. Fat- and chemical-laden snacks, red meat substitutes, alcohol"- Free-Ager diet leans more to organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables, soy mix, tofu, dried beans, brown rice.[8]
  • Tendencies toward self-reliance and a belief in luck and fate; also a knowledge that 'understanding' wasn't always the answer but 'accepting' was.[9]
  • In the tenants of Free-Agism there was no sin and penance, but imbalance and balance.[10]
  • According to Phoebe, Free-Agers believe in the law. "We believe in order and balance, and of the right of the individual to pursue life and happiness without harm from others. When you stand for the law, you stand for balance, and for those individuals who have been harmed."[11]
  • Free-Agers believe in karma though they call it cosmic balancing.[12]
  • Delia Peabody, a 'lapsed' Free-Ager, once stated, "Not that we ate turkey on Thanksgiving, that being considered a commercial and/or political symbol of oppression and commercialization to us Free-Agers."[13]
  • There’s a whole separate schism of the Free-Agers who believe in open relationships.[14]
  • Other Free-Agers in the series: Sam, Phoebe, and Zeke Peabody

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