Gametown – Owner/operator: Carmine[1]

Located in the bowels of downtown (underground), there wasn't a city employee who ventured into what was known as the Square without combat gear and stunners. Gametown was a nasty little joint where Ledo liked to spend his days fleecing suckers at Compu-Pool or Sexcapades.[2]

There were games and plenty of them, two holo-fields on the first level, and a wrestling pit where two women with enormous man-made breasts shiny with oil grunted and slithered. The walls were alive with screens that flashed action from dozens of sporting events, on and off planet, as gambling took place.[3]

There were privacy tubes where patrons drank and played their games of chance or skill in greedy solitude, a bar, and another area where music played low and dark in an edgy backdrop to more games. A dozen pool tables were lined up like coffins and privacy rooms were available.[4]

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