Grafton Day – Grafton day was the day when Roarke, Jenny [sic],[1] Mick, and Brian would go to Grafton Street to pick pockets. Roarke said there were good picking there, if you were quick enough. Some of the buskers would keep the crowd pulled in for Roarke and the others if they gave them a cut of their take. They could only work there a couple of times a month but, when they did, they pulled in hundreds during the day. Jenny wore her best dress on that day.[2]

Roarke said that if he was careful with his share, even with what his father kicked out of him, he would eat well for a month with some to spare for his investment fund. A day on Grafton Street was prime.[3]

Roarke now owns "a bit of this, a bit of that" on Grafton Street as he wanted to have what he could only envy as a boy.[4]

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