HSO (Homeland Security Organization) – Formed at the dawn of the Urban Wars and focuses on the big picture, not individuals [1] Responsible for surveillance of Ricker, Patrick Roarke, and Troy.

  • According to Eve Dallas, the HSO is an antiterrorist organization that employs methods every bit as dirty as the terrorists they were initially formed to see out and destroy.[2]
  • It is one of the most powerful organizations in the world.[3]
  • During the early days of the Urban Wars, the government had formed the HSO as a way to protect the country, to police the streets and gather intel covertly from radical factions. It had done the job. It had been necessary. And over the years since, some said it had morphed into something closer to a legalized terrorist group than a protection and intel operation.[4]
  • Blair Bissel was a level-two operative for the HSO.[5] Felicity Kade brought him into the organization and had been a kind of trainer to him.[6]
  • Neither former President Foster, nor the current administration has maintained very friendly relations with the HSO, or vice versa.[7]
  • The HSO had a fat file on Patrick Roarke in which they tied him to Ricker; Patrick Roarke was considered one of Ricker's occasional tools, and not a particularly deft one. He took payoff money from the cops, took Ricker’s money, double-crossed both sides, and went back to Dublin.[8]
  • They had Richard Troy under surveillance, knew Eve what was happening to Eve (“sexual and physical abuse”) and did nothing to prevent it. After she killed Troy, they cleaned up the mess, and the body, for her.[9]

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