• He had a large, square face, skin the color of polished onyx.[1]
  • He was an enormous man, a full six foot six and two hundred sixty pounds of solid muscle, with hands the size of steamship rounds.[1]
  • A lean man who favors good suits.[2]
  • He was dark, long, and lean. He wore a suit well: a good look for media conferences and screen time. But there was considerably more under the surface.[3]


  • Although the Chief's position is political, Tibble remains a cop.[2]
  • He has no patience for bullshit.[1]
  • His temper is like a "furnace blast", but he blows off steam and again becomes cool and contained.[3]

History Edit

  • Tibble had risen through the ranks.[2]
  • He'd plodded his way up from beat cop.[1]
    • He worked the West Side barrios when cops and their quarries still carried guns.[1]
  • He'd taken a hit once, before the gun ban: three nasty rounds in the abdomen that might have killed a lesser man and would certainly have given most ordinary cops cause to consider their career choices. Tibble had been back on full duty within six weeks.[1]
  • After the gun ban, he'd used his bulk and cold, terrifying grin to intimidate his quarries.[1]
  • He still had the mind of a street cop, and his record was clean enough to serve tea on.[1]
  • Tibble becomes Chief of Police in early spring of 2058 after his predecessor, Chief Edward Simpson, is indicted for his involvement in the events of Naked in Death.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Lieutenant Eve Dallas liked him and could privately admit she was a little afraid of him.[1]
  • He likes good Scotch whiskey.[2]

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