Detective Jenkinson – Homicide, NYPSD (Cop Central)

First appearance: Origin in Death (Fall, 2059)[1]

History Edit


  • His nickname in the squad is 'Sick Bastard'.[7]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • Jenkinson must be older than the mature Baxter, who calls him "a borderline creaker".[8]
  • Jenkinson has at least two children, although ages and genders are unnamed. (While ranting about the snow, he says "I tag my kids, tell them to get over to the skinny-ass garage I pay my left nut for every month, clear the snow from the door so I can get my vehicle in there. And they do, my kids do the job".)[9]
  • Jenkinson likes crullers.[10]
  • When in "thinking mode", Jenkinson leans back in his chair and juggles three colored balls.[11]
  • Beginning in November 2060, Jenkinson begins wearing tasteless brightly-colored ties because they add "a little color to the world".[12]
    • Examples: "He wore a gray suit the color of tarnish with a tie of nuclear blue and green curlicues on a screaming pink background."[12] " Today’s had white snowflakes swirling against a blue so bold and lively Eve thought it might have a pulse."[13]
    • His ties become a running joke and then "a tradition" in the Homicide Division.[13]
    • Dallas discovers in early 2061 that Jenkinson "found a street vendor who’ll sell them to him at a discount when he buys five at a go."[13]


  • In some editions of Treachery in Death, Jenkinson is incorrectly called Jacobson ("In the bullpen Eve listened as Jacobson ran through the angles he’d come up with through juggling").[14]

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