Jenkinson – Homicide, NYPSD (Cop Central)

First appears in Origin in Death; (Fall, 2059)[1]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Part of the task force assigned to find and apprehend The Groom.[2]
  • Jenkinson is called 'Sick Bastard'.[3]
  • When Eve first arrested Penny Soto, she asked Jenkinson to jam everything up for a couple of hours (slow things down).[4]
  • Jenkinson likes crullers.[5]
  • He is also mentioned in Promises in Death; he helped run tenants in Amaryllis Coltraine's apartment building.[6]
  • He is also mentioned in Kindred in Death;[7] Eve wanted Jenkinson and Reineke on the memorial detail, for Deena MacMasters.[8]

References Edit

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