O'Leary, Jennie

Appears in Vengeance in Death and mentioned in Salvation in Death; (c. May 2060)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: She had a sweet heart

Introduction Edit

Introduced in Vengeance in Death as a murder victim and a friend of Roarke's when they were teenagers.

Descriptions Edit

  • Irish citizen
  • Ran a bed and breakfast in Wexford, Ireland
  • White skin

Personality Edit

  • Liked to dance

History Edit

  • An old friend and love interest of Roarke's whom he hasn't see in several years
  • Also friends with Tommy, Brian, and Shawn
  • Years ago, she helped Roarke find the men responsible for Marlena's murder

Interesting Facts Edit

  • Worked at the Penny Pig as a barmaid
  • Found at 522 West Forty-third, in a hotel (The West Side) owned by Roarke Industries
  • She was tranq'd and hanged with right eye removed


  • Jennie's name was written as 'Jennie' throughout Vengeance in Death[2] and as 'Jenny' in Salvation in Death.[3]

References Edit

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