DeBlass, Kevin

Appears in Vengeance in Death; Survivor in Death

Personal InformationEdit

Interesting FactsEdit

  • He first appears in Vengeance in Death in the apartment building where Jennie O'Leary was murdered; he passed a message from the killer to Eve and Roarke. He was neglected and poorly treated by his mother (a junkie LC of a mother who knocked him around and left him alone).[1]
  • Roarke took an interest in Kevin and helped him get adopted by making a 'contribution' to the CPS.[2]
  • Has a cat named Dopey and a puppy named Butch.[3]


  • From Vengeance in Death (2058):"He was perhaps eight, thin and pale ..."[4]
    • From Survivor in Death (2059): "Eve remembered Kevin as a scrawny kid of about six with ragged clothes and a bony cat in tow."[5]

References Edit

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