L'Essence – A brand name for the soaps and shampoos purchased by The Groom. The handmade soap is imported from France; a shea butter soap with olive and palm oils, oils of rose and chamomile. It is a 'cake style' soap that sold for about fifteen bucks a pop nine years back (c. 2051). Shampoo, same manufacturer, same name, with caviar and fennel extracts.[1]

For the current murders, The Groom switched to a brand of soap that is handmade with shea butter, cocoa butter addition, olive oil, and oil from grapefruit and apricot, pink grapefruit. It's made in Italy and runs for fifty dollars a bar.[2] The shampoo is made from white truffle oil and is sold for one hundred and fifty dollars for an eight-ounce (23 cg) bottle.[3]

From the website, each of the soaps were a deep almost jewel-like color, with various flowers or herbs studding the edges. The soap and shampoo are only carried in one store in New York City, Scentual.[4]

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