Lowell's Funeral Home – Lower East location and where Sarifina York's memorial would be held.[1] The ownership is held by the Lowell Family Trust.[2]

The building first belonged to the Lowell family in the early nineteen twenties, used both as a residence and as a funeral home. James Lowell established his business there, and lived with his wife, two sons, and one daughter. The older son was killed in the Second World War, and the younger, Robert Lowell, joined the business, taking it over at his father's death. He expanded, opening other locations in New York and New Jersey.[3]

Robert Lowell's eldest son, another James, joined in the business, residing in their Lower West Side location – they had a second by that time. During the Urbans, this location, the original, was used as a clinic and base camp for the Home Force. Many of the dead were brought there, and tended to by the Lowells, who were reputed to be staunch supporters of the HF.[4]

They changed the name from Lowell's to Manhattan Mortuary during the Urbans – with a bogus sale of the building. Then to Sunset Bereavement Center, another sale, roughly twenty years ago, with a return – five years ago – to the original name, with another deed transfer in the officials. The last generation, Robert, now owns the building and business. It has been in the family for four generations.[5]

The wide central hallway split the main floor in two parts. The air smelled of flowers and polish. In the basement was a work area; preparation areas where they do embalming and cosmetics. They have a mortician, a technician, and a stylist on staff. Kenneth Travers is head of operations at Lowell’s.[6]

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