Debois, Luanne

Appears in Promises in Death; (Spring 2060)[1]

Criminal ActivityEdit

  • She's divorced from Cecil Rouche but her insurance coverage has had a steady increase in the last year; it has increased to five million dollars. She quit her mid-level drone job eight months ago, when she also relocated from a rental in Danville, Illinois to a twenty-room villa in the south of France (paid for in cash).[2]
    • Rouche sent an e-mail to Luanne giving her instructions and telling her how to access the funds (from Max Ricker) and what to do with them.[3]
  • Eve Dallas asked the local French police to watch Luanne and monitor her transmissions.[4]
  • The charges for her include conspiracy to commit (murder), tax fraud, bribery, and money laundering. The conspiracy to commit would be dealt down according to Cher Reo.[5]

References Edit

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