Magda Lane Foundation for Performing Arts – About the foundation, Magda says, “The Foundation’s a dream of mine, a cherished one. Acting’s been good to me. I want to pass it on, while I’m still around and young enough to enjoy it all. Grants, scholarships, facilities for all that new blood to swim in. It pleases me that a young actor or director might get his or her start from a break given in my name. That’s vanity.” [1]

She is auctioning off part of her collection of art, jewelry, and entertainment memorabilia at The Roarke Palace Hotel.[2]

Roarke Industries is handling the arrangements for security, display, and auction; for which it gets a nice piece of the pie.[3] Roarke estimates people will, collectively, pay over five hundred million for the auction (conservatively).[4] Eve later states that there is, potentially, a billion dollars worth of merchandise displayed in his hotel; Roarke states if it was fenced, it might bring in five hundred million.[5]

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