George, Mary Ellen

Appears in Purity in Death

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: She lived quite well from her speaking engagements and royalties from her book about her arrest, trial, and acquittal. [1]
  • Age: 42
  • Hair: Unknown
  • Eyes: Unknown
  • Address: West Side Apartment: 5151 Riverside Drive, New York, New York


  • Caucasian
  • A fine-looking, sexy lady. [2]

Homicide InformationEdit

  • Infected by the Purity Seekers through her laptop unit. [3]
  • Symptoms of infection include:
    • Headache
    • Feeling of being too hot
    • Bleeding from nose, eyes, and ears (as the brain swells and begins hemorrhaging)
    • Irrational behavior, paranoia and rage
    • Self-termination in many cases
    • Hiding away in a safe place; isolation
  • George, while not exhibiting the same level of violence as the previous victims, fashioned her silk sheets into a noose and hanged herself. [4]
  • Body discovered at 14:16 by the building manager, Officer Debrah Banker, and Jay Hippel. [5]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Ran a licensed day care center and was a child pornographer. DS Dwier ran the sting to bring her in though she was acquitted.[6]
  • Jay Hippel, her lover, had broken up with George two weeks ago. [7]

References Edit

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