Roarke's Mexican Villa – First mentioned in Naked in Death, Roarke described it as "a small villa on the west coast [of Mexico]."[1] He had taken Sharon de Blass there the night before she was murdered. Unlike his home in New York, he kept the villa fully automated, calling in domestics only for lengthy stays.[2]

The villa was a towering, multilayered building on the brink of a cliff. It looked like an extension of the rock, as if the sheer glass walls had been polished from it. Gardens tumbled over terraces in vivid colors, shapes, and fragrances. They took an air cart from the foot of the cliff, and stone stairs, up to the villa.[3]

One wall of the entrance level was glass, and through it she could see the ocean – it was the first time Eve had seen the Pacific (c. June 1, 2058).[4] There was a small, heated lagoon under palm trees.[5]

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