Number Twelve – Located at Twelve East Twelfth, New York City, New York.[1] It's where the body of Radcliff C. Hopkins III was found[2] and used to be owned by Hop Hopkins before he OD'd and died inside it. Some say the place is haunted, or cursed, and anyone who has bought the property and tried to use it for some reason has suffered personal and/or physical misfortunes. Roarke didn't purchase it when it was up at public auction because of the curse.[3]

The main floor was derelict and there was the remains of an old bar in the center of the room; to the second level was an ancient elevator and spindly iron stairs. There were decades of dust, grime, considerable water damage, and what seemed to be old scorching from a fire. Where the back wall was partially caved in (second floor), Eve found old metal stairs leading to a dustless area. In the wall on the right side, a hole had been cut; inside that hole was a skeleton and a semi-automatic (the skeleton were the remains of Bobbie Bray, the pistol a 9mm Smith and Wesson).[4]

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