First Appearance: Conspiracy in Death

The most naive character in the series; like his name, he is a young, honest, innocent, and enthusiastic young officer (in "Witness in Death" he thanks Eve for giving him the mission of standing outside in the cold all night long). He has a single mother whom he loves very much, and who makes a brief appearance in Witness in Death when he is badly injured (by other police officers) while chasing a suspect. It is also mentioned in this book that he is twenty-two.

In Purity in Death, Trueheart is taken under by Baxter, who agrees to train him at Eve's request. In this same book, Trueheart discharges his stunner, which turns out to be the final step in killing a victim under attack by the villains of the novel. Trueheart is kidnapped in Portrait in Death by the murderer; he manages to stay conscious enough to give Eve and Baxter directions to his location.

Trueheart is well liked by virtually everyone—except, ironically, the officer with whom he was working when he was introduced (Ellen Bowers, one of the murder victims in Conspiracy in Death).

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