Olympus Resort - An international, multibillion-dollar project involving a partnership between Roarke Industries, Tokayamo, and Europa. The beginning phases of construction began in 2058, as details were being finalized after three years of negotiations and planning. It would be a high-class, high-dollar vacation paradise; a station built for pleasure and entertainment.[1]

  • It would contain hotels, casinos, homes, resorts, and parks; all of it lavish. Vacation and retirements homes; villas, mansions, sleek penthouses, and presidential suites.[2] It has a stunning man-made beach.[3]

While under constructionEdit

From Rapture in Death:

The Olympus resort would be, with Roarke pulling the strings, completed and fully booked within a year.[6] From the terrace of the Olympus Grand Hotel, Eve could see out over the hub of the resort. The lights brightly burned for the night crew, the quiet hum of machinery spoke of round-the-clock labor. The fountains, the lances of simulated torchlight and rainbows of color running fluidly through the spewing waters, were for her, she knew.[7]

Leaning over, she watched the light and water show, scanned the buildings, all domes and spears, all glossy and elegant to house the sumptuous people and the sumptuous games they would come to play.[8]

The casino was completed and glowed like a golden ball in the dark. One of the dozen pools was lighted for the night and the water glimmered cobalt blue. Skywalks zigzagged between buildings and resembled silver threads. They were empty now, but she imagined what they would be like in six months, a year: crammed with people who shimmered in silks, glowed with jewels. They would come to be pampered within the marble walls of the spa with its mud baths and solicitous droids. They'd come to lose fortunes in the casino, to drink exclusive liquor in the clubs, to make love to the hard and soft bodies of licensed companions.[9]

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