Washburn, Ophelia

Appears in Survivor in Death (October, 2059) [1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: More than a little worn around the edges. She was heading for tattered.[2]
  • Age: ≈50
  • Hair: White
  • Occupation: Licensed Companion (license suspended)


  • A wide-hipped black woman with breasts of such enormity and stature no angel of God had bestowed them. She also had huge hair, large, full lips, and a great deal of make-up.[3]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • She tested positive for Exotica and Go.[4]
  • She saw two handsome men that look rough and tough; when she propositioned one, she said he looked at her ‘hard’ like he wanted to stomp her. They passed by on either side and she said they smelled of fresh blood. She knows the smell of blood because she spent some time on her grandfather’s farm where they slaughtered pigs.[5]
  • She was able to give a description of the men and was sent to Detective Yancy, a police artist, to try to get an image of them down (the images were of Roger Kirkendall and Isaac Clinton).[6]

References Edit

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