Paradise Salon – Located on Fifth Avenue[1], it is the city's most exclusive salon; its employees wear its trademark red. There are waterfalls among the flora in the reception area, which includes cushy chairs; cups of real coffee, fizzling water, or champagne are offered; headphones and discs of fashion magazines are also complementary.[2]

The carpet was a deep, red cushion and crystal drops spun light as they hung from the ceiling; the air smelled of flowers and pampered flesh.[3] Retail was up a level, a short ride on a silver glide.[4] Paradise keeps its client data confidential and has a reputation for discretion.[5] (see also Denise and Sebastian)

  • During Dallas's visit to question Sebastian, she was offered some refreshment while she waited for him; she had narrowed her choice down to French Riviera or Caribbean Cream coffee before she was interrupted. When Sebastian learned of Sharon's murder, he ordered a snifter of Trevalli brandy from the monitor.[6]
  • Yvonne Metcalf also used the Paradise Salon.[7]

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