Trueheart, Pauline

Appears in Witness in Death; ([late] March, 2059)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: Tall and slim with Trueheart’s guileless eyes.[2]
  • Relationships: Troy Trueheart (son)

Interesting FactsEdit

  • She told Eve that Trueheart admires her a great deal and that she thinks he has a crush on Eve.[3]
  • She said that Troy would be fine and that she believes in her heart that she would know if it was otherwise as he’s all she has.[4]
  • Trueheart has wanted to be a policeman as long as Pauline remembers and wearing the uniform means a lot to him. She said he’s wonderful and has never been anything but a joy to her. After she spoke with Eve and was updated by Roarke, she went down to the chapel.[5]
  • Trueheart’s father left them when he was just a kid so they’ve always taken care of each other. It meant a lot to her when Dallas stayed at the hospital until Trueheart was out of surgery.[6]

References Edit

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