Personally Yours – A matchmaking/dating service established 2052; owned and operated by Rudy and Piper Hoffman. Personally Yours encompassed three floors of the midtown, Fifth Avenue, black marble building called a palace of pleasure. The staff were uniformed in simple black suits with small red hearts embroidered on the breasts. The lobby was decorated much like a Grecian temple.

Personally your is connected to ComTrak and every applicant is put through the system to check marital history, credit ratings, criminal records; applicants must also take a personality test and sexual preferences and desires are recorded, analyzed, and matched. Violent tendencies are rejected; Eve Dallas said Personally Yours screens its potential clients better than the Candidate Control Division out of East Washington. There are thirty-six consultants on-staff.

Personally Yours exists as just one of the many businesses in this location and in this building. The exterior was a sleek spear ringed on the upper floors with gilded balconies and silvered glides. Sheer glass tubes slid up and down at the four corners of the compass.

Inside there were salons for body sculpting, mood enhancement, and sexual orientation. Several gyms were outfitted with the latest equipment and licensed consultants were available to wield laser and toning tubes to rid a client of extra pounds and inches.

One floor was dedicated to the holistic approach and offered chakra balancing to coffee enemas. Mud baths, algae scrapes, injections of the placenta of sheep raised on Alfa Six, tranquility sessions, VR trips, vision adjustments, face-lifts, tucks, and morphs – all could be done on the premises.[1]

  1. Holiday in Death (ISBN 0-425-16371-7), pp. 40-45, 69

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