Peabody, Phoebe

Appears in Reunion in Death

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: A robust, pretty woman.[1]
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Body: Robust
  • Relationships: Sam Peabody (husband); Delia Peabody (daughter); Zeke Peabody (son); one unnamed son and daughter

Description Edit

  • Remarkably pretty with long dark brown hair
  • A softer face than her daughter's with lines of time fanning out from the corners of her direct and gleaming brown eyes
  • She moves like a dancer
  • Warm hands that are slightly rough.[2]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • The Peabody family are Free Agers
  • Phoebe is an amateur botanist.[3]
  • Phoebe Peabody did some little theater when Peabody was growing up.[4]
  • Phoebe plays the violin.[5]
  • Peabody says her mother has the power to make people do things they wouldn't normally do; she calls it The Look (it's a look that part of being a mother but Phoebe has it in spades).[6]
  • Gives Eve and Roarke a pair of candlestick that she, and Sam, made together. They are slender and fashioned from glossy stone in greens and purples that melted together. They are made from fluorite, "For cleansing the aura, peacefulness of mind, clarity of thought."[7]
  • The next day, Phoebe speaks to Eve alone and gives her another gift: "She's the goddess. Carved in alabaster. She represents the strength, courage, the wisdom, the compassion that is uniquely female ... The goddess belonged to Phoebe's great-great grandmother and has been passed down from female to female until it passed to [Phoebe] ..." Eve says she cannot accept that gift as it should remain in Phoebe's family. Phoebe tells Eve that she is keeping it in the family.[8]
  • According to Roarke, Phoebe is an excellent and creative potter.[9]
  • Phoebe, her mother, and one of her daughters bakes bread. Her husband gets his hands in sometimes.[10]

References Edit

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