Privacy Room – A room inside a restaurant/club/establishment where patrons can go for privacy, separated from the rest of the facility.

  • Athame Club – There were a dozen such [privacy] rooms on this level, all with heavy black doors bearing chrome plaques with names such as Perdition, Leviathan, and Hell and Damnation.[1]
  • Down and Dirty Club – In the privacy room there were shimmering red drapes that were supposed to add sensuality to a room designed for quick, cheap sex; there was a narrow bed inside with a satin pillow.[2]
    • Privacy rooms lining one wall were open, airing out the musky stink of stale sex.[3]
    • Economy rooms were available but, apparently, “deluxe” meant the room had an actual bed rather than a cot or pallet. The ceiling was mirrored and there was a menu screen with an order slot, along with a very small table and two chairs.[4]
  • Gametown – As amenities went, it was a zero, with its narrow cot, smudged view screen, and sticky floor.[5]

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