Sparrow, Quinn

Appears in Divided in Death; (≈September 20-24, 2059)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: His body had the compact, ready look that made her think boxer or ballplayer.[2]
  • Age: late 30s
  • Occupation: Assistant Director, Data Resources, Homeland Security Organization


  • His calm demeanor told Eve Dallas that he had some seasoning.[3]
  • His voice had no discernable accent.[4]

Criminal HistoryEdit

  • He has been working with Blair Bissel and he was the one who sent Reva Ewing the photographs of Blair and Felicity Kade together; it was all a part of corporate espionage he had been a part of for six or seven years.[5]
  • He worked a con on the HSO and the global agencies, and on the Doomsday Group. He created the intel that supported the myth that the worm was real, that it was a threat. He made money from both sides selling intel after he got Blair ‘planted’ with the head of the person on the Code Red contract – Reva Ewing.[6]
  • He was charged with conspiracy to murder and accessory to murder, before and after the fact (possibly included would be obstruction of justice, tampering with government files, espionage, and treason).[7]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • He works in administration primarily as a data cruncher and claimed that there was no hit ordered or sanctioned by the HSO for Blair Bissel and Felicity Kade (he suggests the hit may have been ordered by the Doomsday Group).[8]
  • He met with Chief Tibble, Commander Whitney, Don Webster, and Eve Dallas in an attempt to have her removed from the investigation and the investigation itself transferred to the HSO.[9]
  • Regarding the lack of action taken by the HSO in the case of Richard Troy and his abuse of Eve, Sparrow said that there was nothing he could say to her, nothing that can balance the scales after what was done. That there are no excuses he can make.[10]
  • He was seriously injured when Blair Bissel fired a short-range missile into Dallas’ car in which he was a passenger. His injuries included broken bones, a fractured spine, a concussion, and would require reconstructive surgery on his face.[11]

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