Mathias, Robert Allen - 'Lobar'

Appears in Ceremony in Death

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: A young man with red eyes, sharpened incisors and long black hair.[1]
  • Age: 18
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red
  • Body: White, skinny, with arms thin as a girl’s
  • Relationships: Son of Jonathan and Elaine Mathias (Baptist deacons)
  • AKA: Lobar

Description Edit

  • Gleaming teeth with incisors sharpened to vicious fangs; he could have been pretty. He had long black hair with red tips, refers to Satan as his master, long, black-painted fingernails, and nipple rings.[2]

Interesting facts Edit

  • Petty theft, break in, truancy, assault; ran away four times before the age of thirteen; grand theft auto at fifteen; attempted rape of a teacher
  • Psych profile: Sociopathic tendencies, lack of control, violent mood swings; resentment toward parents and authority figures, especially female; Intelligent rating, high; violent quotient, high. Complete lack of conscious and abnormal interest in the occult[3]
  • Had contact with Alice Lingstrom through the cult run by Selina Cross and Alban; was an employee of The Athame Club; Jamie Lingstrom implicated Lobar in Alice’s murder
  • Murdered and left outside Roarke's Mansion home
    • Naked, strapped to an inverted wooden pentagram
    • Throat had been cut, and a hole carved in his chest (missing heart)
    • A knife, punched through a note, was embedded in his groin. The note read: DEVIL WORSHIPPER; BABY KILLER; BURN IN HELL
      • The knife, an athame, was black-handled with carving [4]

References Edit

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