Turnbill, Roxanne

Appears in Survivor in Death (October, 2059) [1]

Personal InformationEdit


  • Curly hair [2]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • She said she didn’t know where Roger was, nor did she want to know. If she could tell Dallas anything, she would; but she doesn’t, so she can’t.[3]
  • She used to be an exec at one of the top communication companies in New York but now she, and her husband, work a farm; their home is very secure.[4]
  • Roger Kirkendall abducted her and tortured her for information about the location of Dian (he had her for over twelve hours – with Isaac Clinton and Jilly Isenberry). Roxanne did not know and could not tell him where she was; she was dumped on a sidewalk in Times Square.[5]
  • Two years after Roxanne and her family moved to Nebraska, she received an audio only transmission. It was Dian and she only said Roxanne’s name and that they (Dian and her children) were safe. The connection was immediately broken afterward but, every few months – sometimes more than a year – Roxanne will receive another transmission exactly like the one before. The last time she received one was three weeks ago.[6]

References Edit

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