Hoffman, Rudy – Owner/operator Personally Yours

Appears in Holiday in Death; ([late] December c. 17-24, 2058)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

Description Edit

  • Dazzling, with his moonlight hair swept back into a long braid twined with thin gold ribbon.[2]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • All assets are held jointly between the siblings
  • Rudy has more of a hand in the financial aspects of the business than his sister
  • His sister is his lover; Brent Holloway discovered this and blackmailed the Hoffmans.[3]
  • Piper was attacked in the living quarters above Personally Yours while Rudy was out shopping. Piper was raped, sodomized, tranq'd, and had some bruising. Extreme shock led to a coma; she was taken to Hayes Memorial Hospital.[4] Rudy interrupted the attack, which saved Piper's life.

References Edit

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