Peabody, Sam

Appears in Reunion in Death

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: A tall, skinny man [1]
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Unknown
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Body: Tall and skinny
  • Relationships: : Wife: Phoebe; Daughter: Delia; Son: Zeke Peabody

Description Edit

  • A narrow, apostle’s face with dreamy gray eyes

Interesting Facts Edit

The Peabody family are Free Agers

  • Sam likes to build stuff and frequently put in hidden drawers and hidey-holes[2]
  • Travels by camper and likes to bake.[3]
  • Sam is a sensitive and a healer, able to remove or alleviate pain; when trying to help Eve by taking away her headache, he accidentally ‘saw’ what happened to her as a child. Both are very upset by this but talk it over and make peace.[4]
  • His code: “To cherish family, to do good work. To enjoy the time we’re given in this lifetime, and to try as best we’re able to cause no harm. With the gift I was given comes another responsibility, another code. To respect, always, the privacy and well-being of others. Never to use what I’ve been given for my own gain, my own amusement or curiosity, or to cause harm.” [5]
  • He told Eve that he trusts her with his child’s life [6]

References Edit

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