Gannon, Samantha E.

Appears in Remember When; (September, 2059)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: According to Dallas, "She's got spine."[2]
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Address: Upper East Side, New York City, New York
  • Relationships: Max Gannon (grandfather); Laine Gannon (grandmother); Jack O'Hara (great-grandfather)
  • Occupation: Writer (author of Hot Rocks; current project Big Jack) [3]


  • She has short red hair with a little fringe over the brow, pale skin, with freckles sprinkled over her nose and cheekbones. Her eyes were a strong, bright blue.[4]
  • Samantha told Dallas that she wasn't a weak woman, that she was good in a crisis.[5]


  • Her grandparents were involved as her grandfather was the insurance investigator in the case of the The Forty-seventh Street Job; her grandparents met because of the missing diamonds.[6]
  • Her parents have been on vacation, sailing the Med.[7]
  • She said she sort of came from money and that her family always had household help.[8]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • She returned from a fourteen-city jaunt, hyping her book (Hot Rocks), when she found Andrea Jacobs dead in her home; Andrea had been house-sitting when she was murdered.[9] Her goldfish also died.[10]
  • She has, what her mother says, is her grandmother's obsession with order.[11]
  • She moved into The Rembrandt (hotel room four-oh-four) after Andrea Jacobs was found murdered in her home.[12]

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